Starts well, I like of the chord riff stops changing and stick to that one chord as it introduces the main theme, and I'm loving the main theme behind this song, although it does get a little repetitive after a while, the fast lead it then goes to is really cool, the thumping drums throughout are great, gives it a epic feel the showdown feel I guess,

Then it goes back to the main theme for the end, which again I feel is a little repetitive, may be add some fast low end thrash riffs after the leads before it goes to the ending?

'Unholy under fine' is great, the intro is very haunting, with the guitar almost reminiscent of Metallica's one, and the thrash riffs are awesome, the drums could be a bit more flowing though, it just thumps and could be more of a rhythm with hi hats and such, and then the outro is back to haunting but good.

Experiment using the MIDI drum sounds rather than the RSE sounds, I really dont like the RSE drum sounds, but its personal preference...

BTW how do you export the GP files it so that you can upload it to your profile? Mine wont do it...

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Thansk for the crit and i will definatly work on my drums a bit more, as well as try the MIDI rather than the RSE.

Ill PM you about getting MP3s
That was interesting, the intro was very slow, but it worked, and I liked how you built up into a faster rythem after the slow part. A few things though, your tone was really flat and bassy. I would add some more mids and highs in there to make it hit harder(if you know what I mean).

But I liked it, just some mixing issues is all.

Crit my new song?
thanks for the feedback, although its appreciated i have to disagree on the more mids and highs....its supposed to be real low and bassy ^^.

please, anyone who listens to any of the song...rate them

Ethan: ill crit your song ASAP