Click my name for it, just something I made up today, an acoustic poppy sounding thing. I hope you enjoy it!
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-I doesn't like your stuff to record, you probably have a bad mic?
-That still sound very melodic, good job
-Do you use a metronome? Some part seem more fast than other, guitar are syncronise together but the speed still seem to change.
-Maybe add a few lead in your outro/ending that was sounding a bit empty.

Except that very nice acoustic melody! I like your lead on it

Keep it up!


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Alright, I'm listening to it now
The tempo just picked up, and I'm digging the mood, the melodies, and the chordal arpeggios in the background.
The arpeggios just turned to full chords. Your tone is strange, is that intentional?
Oh, that was shorter than expected.
But brilliant melodies. I would love to hear this with studio quality production. Keep writing, and I agree with Devin Townshend thing.
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kinda awkward soundin but catchy and melodic, not gonna lie :p. idk if its the tone or just your recordin style, id llike to hear ful lquality. but overall i enjoyed it quite a bit. catchy.

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