ok I was planning on going to guitar center today and ordering the B52 AT-112 for 295.00 since they are on clearance..
I am moving to tubes from an mg.. I play metal.

they have a peavey 5150 212 combo used in my price range...a little beat up, but I bet it plays just fine. Ill definately check it first.

but the delimma is this..

order the B52 new or get the 5150 used?

will the 5150 give a better metal sound and distortion then the b52? i already know the B52 has better cleans, but im more concerned with the distortion...ill have to work with what cleans im given..
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b52 like to breath fire and break down
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lots of tubes in a 5151 to replace if they get worn out soon...at least with the new amp u know ull get at least a year out of it before something needs changing.

The peavey will be a lot louder too so think about where ull be using it most
I've read a ton of reviews on the B52. It seems certain that they will break. That is the reason why I didn't buy one. There is a reason it's so cheap. I believe at one point they were selling them for 75% off the MSRP. The reviews scared the **** out of me.
yes me too, however the newer ones (ones made after the first early runs) are fixed arent they?
all the problems are with the older ones that I know of....
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quality over quantity

just go buy the 5150
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I got my sister pregnant once. Yeah, that was awkward, but mostly because she's 6 years younger than me.
I don't know which ones are faulty. I think you contradicted yourself.
Where are you playing it mostly, and how loud?

It doesn't really matter, though - I can't think of many metal applications where the B-52 would be a better choice than the 5150.
I like having cleans sometimes and the 5150 just doesn't deliver. I'd take the B52 for the better versatility.
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fixed the contradiction, sorry heh..

I play in a band and we will start doing shows before too long, but i have access to numerous 412 cabs so a 112 or 212 combo is all the same to me.

but i will need external out and an effects loop for sure...im sure they both have them.
an emulated line out would be awesome to plug straight into the 8 track, but I doubt either amp features this.
well, the 5150/6505 amps have pretty good cleans by MG standards, and the distortion on them is great, hense why they are so widely used in metal and shred. The B-52s are better with cleans, but their reliability suffers, theyre a bit tempremental.

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