Ok guys,

*i no this may be in the wrong forum but iv been told here is the best place for it as you guys no a hell of a lot about amps, so here we go*

Ok, so iv got a marshal valvestate ,which despite everyone hating them i love it, it is just fit for bedroom practice and will always be my backup amp when i get my new amp.Anyway i really need your help because a little while ago now the built in reverb packed up, this cripples my playing as i really love playing through verb. So i took it apart and it all looks to be in good condition no broken parts,no loose parts, it has one of those 3-spring reverb things. I was thinking maybe i should take it apart and try it again.

Do you have any suggestions as to how i could fix it ? I really could do with some help.

Thanks UG
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You will need to give more info than what you provided. To figure out what happened to your amp I'll need to know if there is any signal going into the tank's input and if you have checked the tank with a multimeter for any shorts or loss of current. So if you have a meter try the following:

1. Tap the reverb tank (gently!!) while your amp is on and the reverb is cranked up high. Was there any sound at all? This will tell you if the tank has a short (maybe).

2. No sound from the "tap test" might mean that the tank is dead by means of a bad transformer or that your amp's signal going to the tank is interupted. Test the tank with the meter to see if the circuit is ok. If so, go to the next step.

3. Take the multimeter and test the signal going to the tank from your amp's reverb output. Shows no signal, take the amp to your local amp tech and have him go further into the unit as you will have something that is not user friendly for repairs!

4. If there is a signal from your amp, then your reverb tank is dead and a replacement will fix you up.

I have repaird many Marshall Valvestate amps. The have a habit of crapping out and most of it is due to the PC board getting hot and causing failure in the system. It will frustrate even the most intrepid tech! I've had a few that the PC board was partly melted from the heat these amps generate.

If you have further questions by all means let me know and we'll try to fix your problem here rather than you spend bucks on a shop. I know, as I used to run a shop and did all the repairs. Once it hit me bench it would cost to get things done. We'll see if I can cave you a buck or two.
The clean is very bright, and it stays clean at very high volumes, even with my Les Paul; however, it lacks the dynamics and "three dimensional sound" of a tube amp.

The regular gain is useless to me. It sounds like an attempt at a cranked fender blues sound, but it's just a harsh flat sound.

This is where this amp shines. I have have played tons of top end Marshall and Mesa tube amps. None of these tube amps (or any solid state amp for that matter) have been able to produce a distorion that I would prefer over this. Have you ever noticed that high amps and distorion pedals have sort of a static sound behind the distortion? I don't mean amp noise or hum or anything like that. What I'm talking about is that staticy sound that sort of attatches itself to each note. It isn't present when you're not playing but it is most noticable between two close notes. This amp does not have that. It's amazing, tons of gain and sustain with no static sounds!
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