Overall, not bad. Nothing really wrong, just not what I would normally listen to.

Reminded me a fair bit of Warmness on the Soul by Avenged Sevenfold. But I'm sure that's more because of the key it's in and the fact it's a piano-y rock song.

Nothing really stood out to me, but then again, there was nothing that I hated.

Overall, 7/10
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I hope you plan on having vocals in parts of what was labeled as the piano solo; otherwise, this will get WAY too repetitive.

Anyways, I'm a sucker for piano; I loved it.
Sorry if this crit sounds harsh, I don't mean to sound like a dick in this.

IMO, the fast piano parts where you have a semi quaver leading to harmonized 3rds don't really fit the song, they sound good alone but musically, it kills the mood IMO.

The phrasing gets really predictable too, it's always a few notes, piano fill, harmonized thirds, repeat and repeat. You should have more variation with the piano seeing as it is the main solo instrument and it just gets repetitive. The piano fills are nothing but ascending or descending scales, perhaps you could add some variation instead of just going up and down like playing intervals in different orders.

The drum beat is pretty boring for the most part and sounds like it's attempting to add to the climax of a piece but it doesn't sound like it really fits but that's probably the MIDI.

The guitar solo at the end needs longer phrases, instead of one or two bar phrases, you should have a mixture of long phrases (2 or 4 bars) and short ones (1 or 2 bars) so you can make it sort of like a call and response which is almost always fitting in a climax sort of musical context. If the guitar at the end with the piano is the climax of the piece, you should make what the instrument says longer instead of stopping for "breath" every 2 bars.

Overall, alright attempt but needs work on the piano as a solo instrument to fit the context of the piece instead of the semi quaver fills which sound like speed for the sake of it.

piano is cool but it gets repetitive, i hope vocals go over ti. I really do like it though as a whole. I love pianoish rock though haaha. ITs pretty catchy but like i said a bit repetive :p. good job though.
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I really like the song. The guitar parts do their job because they add to the song, but keep the focus on the piano, which I really like.

The piano as a baroque influence and your use of triplets is really good. If I where you though, I'd try and make the rhythm guitar part a little more natural instead of constant eight notes.

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The reason the other guitars sound so easy and maybe a little "Unnatural," is because this is for our first band practice (The pianist already knows the piece) and so it must be kept easy. Ill probably fix it soon once we've got the song down.
Wait, this is actually going to be recorded? You HAVE to let me know once it is. Promise?