My epiphone les paul refuses to stay in tune for more than the length of a song if the song has bends in it, maybe 2 songs if its just straight chords. I've brought my guitar in to be repaired numerous times and the idiots at my local shop cant seem to detect anything wrong with it. The same sort of thing is happening on my acoustic guitar but it gets more out of tune the further up the neck you go so i'm guessing its the intonation since its one of the old yamaha models. Im thinking that im not winding the strings properly because i never had formal guitar education. So i was wondering if you guys could direct me to a very thorough video or website for putting on strings. I've done it to what i thought was a t with instructions from this one website over the course of my guitar playing career but im thinking this is a horrible method. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
If you restrung it right, then you need to strech the strings. It will make stay in tune much longer.
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When you restring it you should bend the strings multiple times to make sure they get stretched out. Otherwise they will fall out of tune as you play.
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align hole in machine head with nut
leave enough slack to get 2-3 wraps around the pole
through the hole and turn machine head clockwise
make sure the loose end sits on top of the windings (trimming the ends is up to you)
then check the intonation.
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What kind of epi LP. A special2, LP100 or a standard. The hardware on the lower end models is cheap and wont stay in tune very well. But you shouldnt have any serious issues w a standard model. My standard model will stay in tune for days with maybe a minor tweak before playing. My LP100 wouldnt stay in tune for more than a few seconds.
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Guide to restringing it right. Or if you're lazy, bring it into a shop and have them do it.

+1 on this. Restring it right ,and while you do that, take a graphite pencil sharpened up real fine and sharp and rub it in the nut-slots.
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