I have a Dunlop Crybaby from Hell that I am no longer happy with. I'm trying to sell it for a decent enough price to get a different Crybaby or maybe a Vox. However, when I contacted Guitar Center to get a rough estimate, I was told $30 max. I think this is ridiculously low for a wah I paid $160 for. Any suggestions of a better place to pawn it off and a rough guess of what price I could get for it (very good/like new condition)?

Shorthand: How much could I get selling a Crybaby from Hell?
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Yeah i've heard of problems with crybabys unforunitally it was after i forked out €120 on one. Resale value is better on signature ones esp. Dimebags. If i were you if all the a**holes in Guitar centre will give is 30 bucks it would be cheaper to keep it. You could also try ebay and the like.
unfortunately, the thing you have to realize with a company like gtr ctr, is that they can't pay you what the pedal is worth. Otherwise, how will they make money?

The fact is, if it sold for $160 new, in perfect condition it's worth maybe $80 used (and I think it'd be hard to get someone to pay that... I just saw one on music-go-round for $69 and it's been there a while).

Now if it's worth $80, they should pay you $40ish, but with some gear, gear that is maybe a 'fad' - they have to consider - what if it sits on my wall for 6months, by that point dunlop will have dropped the price to $110, it's only worth $55 used in perfect condition, so they can't pay more than $30.

in short, any company is going to offer you about the sm. If you go to gtr center and ask them - how much is this worth in trade? they might up it a few bux - knowing you are spending money with them.

if you don't mind being patient and selling it out of your house:
sell it on craigslist for $69... or offer it up for trade. If you want to wait a bit longer to find someone who is a pantera fan - you might list it for $100 - but my guess is you'd be waiting a long time to get that.

just my opinion on the matter. good luck.