So i'm having a problem creating a true 'stereo' recording.

Basically, due to a low budget, i record everything through a 5-input mixer. Then i run a stereo output cable into my sound card.

The mixer itself is stereo. It has a pan options for each channel, and the main output is stereo as well.

My problem is the soundcard. Once this stereo mix goes into this mono input, well, of course, the recording becomes mono sounding in audacity.

That is, i have audacity recording 'stereo' tracks. So theres a left and right channel, but they are evenly balanced no matter what i do.

What can i purchase that will allow me to have a stereo input into audacity? I'm on a super tight budget, so the cheaper, the better.

Thanks for your help!
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
Behringer UCA202. End of story.
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