Location Kenosha, WI (US)

First the guitar:

Blue Quilted Maple Top ESP LTD MH-301
EMG HZ-4 pickups
24 XJ frets
Licensed FR Trem
Mahogany body
Ebony fretboard(I think)

very good condition..the headstock has a few bite marks at the tip from my cat. nothing really noticeable


Crate GLX212
120 watts
2x12" speakers
3 channels.
16 onboard effects. 4 different reverbs, flange, slow/med/fast delays, a couple different kinds of chorus, touch wah, reverse wah, octave, doubler, rotating speaker. Effects loop.

front glows red when you wanna play in the dark.


i'd like to trade all of this for a nice guitar..prefer Ibanez.

pics will be up shortly
damn if i lived anywhere near you id be interested in that guitar.
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Amp is now $200..

found some pictures of the items cause my camera isn't working right now.


I'll throw in a free Cry Baby Wah to whoever gets these.
does the $200 for the amp include shipping?
i am very interested, but i am waiting to sell my cyber twin before i can buy this.
i am guessing it's solid state? and does it have a footswitch?
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