I wasn't really getting anywhere with Projecta 13, so I'm going to set it aside for awhile. This is my newest piece, which, until the lyrics are written, is just named Projecta 14 (I've gotta think of a new way of naming these). This is in more of an Alternative-Punk Rock direction. Personally, I like it, but I think it's a bit rough; it needs some revising, and some cleaning up, IMO, and I was hoping to get a little help with that via people's crits. As always, be honest, be harsh, and most of all, be constructive.
Projecta 14.zip
That was ok but it needs a little work.
It was really repetitive and didnt have much variety.
If you could add in some new riffs in place of the chorus instead of the same old format it would sound 10 times better.
Overall? 6/10.
Sorry but it just needs a little work.
Nice and simplistic intro. Repetitive though. I didn't like the chorus. The bridge was the best part of the song, but the eights were a bit annoying. Use full notes IMO. Reminds me (the structure of the song) of early Beatles.
6/10 Not my style.