Just wondering, not for now, but for future reference, if we can do C4C from one forum to another. For example, if I crit someone's song on Guitar Pro 5 in the Tabs & Chords section, can I ask them to crit a recording of my band in the Original Recordings section, and vice-versa? Of course, asking people to crit ones in Tab & Chords only work if you have an MIDI up or if you know they have C4C, but what are the rules on this?
i think its fine if you ask, and most people are probably nice enough to do that. i know i would crit someone else's work even if it was in another subforum. sometimes people might not, like if you crit a cover and ask them to listen to an original. some people dont like listening to originals or going through tabs/midi. so its safe to ask and i would expect people to comply, but it isnt like forced (just like C4C isnt really enforced).