When im playing covers and my own riffs it sounds good when im playing it through the amp. I've tried to record with some ****ty mic, and also with line6 podstudio ux1.

The problem is that it sounds slower and with more noise then it does when i just listen to it through the amp.

Like.. If i practise on a song, and i feel that i can play it right and with the right speed, i try to record it, and it sounds totally **** and wrong.

Is this normal?

ps: sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum, and sry for the english :P
i hated how everything that i recorded sounded for a while. it was exactly like your saying. sounded great when i played it, but sounded like crap when i listened back on it. those times changed and helped my playing a whole lot. i got to step back and see how everyone else heard my playing, and not hear what my brain said it should sound like when i was actually playing.

the recorded version is the truth. it's not the true tone (obviously, if you have a crap mic), but as far as your actual playing goes, it is the truth. it's how other people hear you when you play. that may be scary, but it's true.

of course, it could be something wrong with your setup, or be that crapy mic. but i really dont think so. cause what you play should still sound right even to someone with crappy ears...

keep practicing. notice things that you dont like in your recorded version, and figure out how to correct those in your live playing. this is just another practice tool you have to spend a lot of time on to get right.