i dont know what cables ripped but here is what happened. i was playing guitar, and then i turned the tone switch to the right and pulled too hard and it came loose. i was trying to screw it back by twisting it the opposite direction, but it wouldn't stay, so i opened the back plate of the guitar where the switches are, and i saw that the tone switch thingy was loose (i dont know much about guitar tech terms, but its a round metal thing where two cables were soldiered, one was red that came from a hole near the bottom, and another white came from where the pickup switch is) and i tried pushing it and the two cables on it came off. now, when i plug it into my amp, no sound comes out. i need help, what do i need to do to fix this? also, i cut a little bit off the cables because they looked messes up, will that affect anything? the both cables were black, with some sort of copper wire threads inside and in the middle,each had a different collored cable, one is white and the other is red.

edit:i cut a bit off tip of the wire after they had come off, they were severly twisted
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Why would you cut it? Its not like they put wires in there for fun or anything. If it doesn'tw work, get it fixed by a tech.
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copper wire is suppose to be twisted in side the insulation.

don`t join the bomb squad, you just don`t cut wires randomly, you need to take it to a tech and get him to to resolder the mess you`ve made.

and i think you deserve of the week for this 1

finally, it`s widely accepted than musicians are amongst the most intelligent people on the planet........wtf happened here.
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