Sands of Time and Peace, C4C.

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Please, Rate them for the Idea of them, Not for how the Quality sounds at the moment. I recorded them with an MP3 player, so please, for music, not Quality.

Also some Crit on My Necrophagist solo covers would be Appreciated.

Once again, Rate for how I play them MYSELF, please don't compare too much to the originals. I only had 21 frets, so I had to cut/Change some parts of songs. \/
Some really great ideas in there man. It really reminded me of Tosin Abasi's playing. I'm reallly into this kind of music, so I really enjoyed that. BUT, as much as I'm sorry for doing this, I have to give it 3 stars because of the crummy quality. Not that the song itself is bad, but this is a crit of the recording, not just the song. Use the Tabs and chords forum if you just want your songs to be critiqued.

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