Ernie Ball Power Slinkies
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Warwick and rotosound strings. I dont know what warwick strings they were but the ones that come standard on the corvettes were amazing.
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I've only used generic stock and rotosound swing 66 and I'm sure you can guess which I prefer. I recently put a pair of flatwound chromes (d'addario) on my guitar and I might do the same with my bass because I love how they feel and sound.
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dr's for roundwound strings, d'addario for flatwound
Warwick Corvette $$ natural
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Ernie Ball Super Slinky for roundwound (mostly because or the price), D'Addario's on my fretless basses
Stadium Elites

Pure British STEEEL!
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jazz bass.

t-bird is muddy inversatile, and reminds me of emo chicks.

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Rotosound 66 and Nexus coated, DR High Beams, Sunbeams, and Extra Lifes. I'm going to try Stadium Elites next time I need to new strings. I might try Optima Golds sometime. Expensive, but they're supposed to last a long time.
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custom set of DR 12's and a .065 for my low B....
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i've only ever played the stock strings on my yammie, the d'addario bright high-guage strings it has now, and some EB regular slinkies. i prefer the EB all the way.
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D'Addario. Particularly the ones I have now, which I believe are the EXL170s (.045-.100, nickel wound, bright, long scale).
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Elixirs are pretty good for me at the moment, but I'm still trying to work out my ideal tone from my rig, so they're bound to change (if even temporarily).
DR Marcus Miller sigs...amazingly bright and beefy...

Bass tones are hard to find.
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custom set of DR 12's and a .065 for my low B....

Welcome to the Bass Forum.

I love my Roto 66's.
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I prefer Ernie Ball Super Slinkies
and Rotosound Swing 66's

-1 On the Ernie's. I can't say I've played a worse string, I was sorely disappointed.

+10 on the Roto's though. Very nice, strange coating though.
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D and G are my favorite. But E and A are also good. The B string is.... interesting.
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I personally like G-strings

but seriously Roto swing 66's or D'addario flatwounds
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Stadium Elites

Pure British STEEEL!

Me too!

EDIT: I opened my bass hardcase just a minute ago for the first time in ages and found a brand new set! Yay!
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Roto 66's ftw
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Roto 66's ftw

in short, this.
DR Extra Life. They last forever.

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SIT Powersteels because they make nice strings for 6 and 8 string basses.
Started with D'addario
Upgraded to Rotosound
Moved to DR Highbeams
Moved to Hybrid Slinkys

Tested Warwicks, Dean Markleys, Elixirs, EXPs, EB Flats, Fenders, etc. etc....

Upgraded to La Bella Deep Talkin' (Great great strings! Rounds and Flats alike)

I now am, and will remain a devoted fan of Thomastik Infeld Flatwounds! The sound answers MY question of "why do you want to play bass?"
DR highbeams! 0.45 - .105! Love the tone and the feel. I tried Rotos' 66 but they didnt last very long and they really tore up my fingertips :| Although they sounded amazing. But so does the high beams!
Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky's and Regular Slinky's they suit me and i like them so im sticking with it xD.
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