been reading about it for a while know and couldnt find anything on hear about it so hear goes:

theres been alot of talk about the four big thrash bands doing a tour together kinda like clash of the titans back in the 90s but with all four of the bands metallica, megadeth, slayer and anthrax all the bands have pretty much said theyd like to do it but do you think that it will happen, would egos get in the way and if you do think it will happen then what order do you think the bands should play in.
it wont happen, pure and simple

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i dont know but im hoping they do it. but im pretty sure tickets to it would get sold it in 5 seconds aftr they go on sale
I couldn't see Megadave or Kerry King being very happy about opening for Metallica, which is what would happen, like it or not.
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