I'm basing it off of the Bmaj6 chord...so would it be called Bmaj6sus4/E?
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This. You've got the basic E major triad, E G# B, plus a D#, the major 7th, and the major 9th, F#.
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Just so you know, the sixth is the same as the third, so adding a sixth to a triad is essentially the same as adding a third below it (provided that its voiced correctly), making a Bmaj6 enharmonic to G#m7. Then the E with the G#m7 would be a G#m7addb13, which does the same thing again, making it enharmonic to an Emaj9.

TS, you definitely should read some lessons on chord construction. You named your chord after a B, when there wasn't even a B in it, yet all the other notes that are in the chord you named, were there!