but I dont know which ones are good! Could any of you share your experience with a kit guitar? I am thinking that Guitar Fetish kits look pretty good right now for the price, but is there anything else floating out there? Please post links or anything. I just wanna know which kits are usually better.

Post links!

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Best kits that can be found online: http://www.carvinguitars.com/kits.php

+1, never built one but they're supposed to be the best kits around, and the options are great.
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The kits from GFS are just fine. The body is well machined and the final fit is not too hard to do. I have built many guitars for some of my old customers in the past. The only thing I quit doing was building the neck. That took so much time to do I found it easier just to buy one unfinished. I was in the guitar building business for many years and made bodies from all sorts of wood and even a few from other materials that were requested. Guitar building is a real blast once you get into it.

Now on to the kit thing: The Sega kits are a mess. The body is coated with this thick milky sealer that it takes hours to sand it off to get to the wood underneath. The parts are low end stuff and are your cheap import items. The kits from GFS are a step up. The body is of good quality and the fit, as I said earlier, is very good. The hardware is your standard import stuff. The tuners are poor and the trem block on the strat model is a low end import style. However, do not give up hope as you can buy the kit (The Tele is easy to work as is the strat) and you can get upgraded parts to install before you assemble your kit.

The gentleman that stated Carvin makes the best kit is quite correct. Carvin kits are the very best out there. You will spend a lot of cash on one but they are really well made. Here is the part of you get what you pay for comes in.....

I would advise to start with a bolt on model. You have some serious wiggle room in the setup and they are way easier to build. I had a customer in Ft. Worth that built an SG kit with a set neck and he had such a problem with the setup and the neck tilt was WAY OFF! It was so bad that the strings were nearly half an inch off the fretboard at the 12th fret! He arrived at me shop with this problem and I later found out that he had glued the neck in with EPOXY! I nearly died when I found that bit of info. Took me forever to get that mess fixed.

SO....Go with a bolt on neck. Keep it simple. Remember to take your time! You can build a kit in a day, but it will likely look like you did too! And as to not liking the pickguard of a strat, you can always get a replacement guard in a style that is different and suits your taste better. I made a pickguard from a piece of maple that was finished in a manner to match the cherry burst top on a strat and the owner lost his mind when he came to pick it up from the shop. So you can modify ANYTHING. IT all depends on you skills, your attitude, and most of all your desire to create something you want.

Good luck with your project and if you get in a jam, by all means shoot me an e-mail and I'll be glad to help with anything I can.

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Anything else? Im not a huge fan of the strat sorta thing. I already got one and I think that the look of pickguards really take away from the overall look and finish.

Carvin has a kit that doesn't look like a strat, without a pickgaurd. Look harder.
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check my les paul kit, thats from there
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