i m going to buy a mandolin and i was considering either a Fender FM52E Mandolin (Sunburst), or an Epiphone Electric Mandobird VIII 8 String Mandolin (Vintage Sunburst)
they're similar in price i just want some input
I need money! why? my guitar is 1050 and i only have 350. Figured. What? You're a musician, you always need money for a new instrument. Ah that makes sense
it plays a lot better.
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Agreed. I have one like the Fender shape and its a bitch to position comfortably. The 'bird' ;oold nice and tou'll avoid the crazy feedback when amplified.
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Let's face it, we all gather wherever we can when someone familiar to us passes on, if for no other reason than to just get our dose of news and what others say. The other largest single day? About the same amount of time after the untimely death of Charlie Derrington. No other days come even close. Look at what's going on in pop music right now. No, we're not comparing Butch and Charlie to the gloved one, but they were familiar names we knew and valued, and our response differs little in that respect. They were a part or our community and we were interested. And this isn't to suggest one was more popular than the other. Please. The different in the volume this site received in the years between those events makes it impossible to compare, and we have no interest in that comparison.
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