Ok, basically I'm getting a new guitar soon, and soon after I plan to get a big marshall amp, but the amp is besides the point for now.

Anyway, I've got a limited amount of money to spend, about £200-300 I'm looking to spend. The tone I want is a tone similar (or exact, but i doubt this is possible ) to "Euroboy" from "Turbonegro". He's my favorite guitarist ever and they're my favorite band ever, I play their songs all the time. Here's a clip of his tone that I LOVE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QKhovC7MY4

I've noticed he [euroboy] plays a les paul. But, I don't have enough cash to spend on a gibson les paul at the moment (which is essentially what I want and will buy eventually after about a year or two of further saving, thats why I want a new guitar to use during the 1-2 years or whatever of saving) therefore I don't want to buy a les paul copy (i.e a epiphone, tokai, etc.).

So, I want that kinda tone I mentioned above and in the video but without getting a les paul style, I'd like something different so when I get a les paul I'll have a different sort of tone. So, ideas on a guitar and possibly effect pedals that will reach that tone?

Also, will a telecaster be able to get that kind of tone? Obviously it won't get exact, I just want something sort of similar to euroboy's tone. I was thinking about buying a used mexican fender tele in artic white or a used jackson js30ke.

Post away! Thanks alot
inb4 marshall sux or dont get a big amp

on topic, i suggest an epiphone les paul, their pretty good and right in your price range
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Epiphone les paul standard is £300.
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Yeah but like I said I don't want to buy a les paul when I know I'm going to get a gibson eventually and then being stuck with an inferior model that wont be used.
if you get a tokai (assuming it's a japanese-made one) the gibson might be the one not being used...
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Anything of 24.5 scale length with high output humbuckers, then. The only way to do it within your budget is with IronGear Hammerheads. Then you will need an EQ to give that raucous top boost, a Cry Baby of some sort and some distortion.
So, Vintage SG type? You can pick one up for about £125 on ebay. but be sure its the Wilkinson model as the old ones are not great. The pedals will take up the rest of your budget if you are lucky. Then find £50 for the pups and away you go (as you like that sort of thing).
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A telecaster is about as far away from a les paul tonally as you can possibly get
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Thanks for the posts all, especially lurcher! Keep 'em coming!

I've been reading a website which lists the gear euroboy apparently uses. It states he uses this: http://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/MXR-Distortion-M104-Guitar-Effects-Pedal/3F7 Is this true? Because if so it sounds like the kinda pedal I need.

Also, so what about that used mexican fender tele? If I get one of them, then would I get a kinda tone that works well with that MXR distortion?

And what exactly does an EQ do in terms of tone?

Another question, are marshall jcm800 combo's good? They also seem like the kind of amp I need.

p.s: I already own a Electro Harmonix Big Muff USA pedal incase that matters and I can use it in the quest for reaching the tone I love!
that guitar sounds like it's wired out of phase as well though it's hard to tell with all the wah.