in my opinion it's not, i don't like it, maybe is great technically but there's no melody.
Did i not see something about this before on UG?
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It just sounds like a bunch of exercises linked together. You say its a warm up, and its perfect for that but for a solo in a song it lacks melody and it isnt a very interesting piece.
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Stop making new accounts to post this one video over and over again. Seriously it's annoying.
i thought it was pretty sweet. im not the hugest fan of hyper shredding but it was cool. many famous guitarists have made millions off of shredding so impossibly fast that the melodic content becomes much less significant than a blues riff for instance but playing that fast is bound to do that to the melodic nature of any piece. shred on and dont mind the haters. nothing is loved by everybody...
as i said last time you posted this (or at least one time in the past)

speed does not equal good.
play with some soul/feeling, and we'll tell you if you're good.