I took lessons a few years ago on a hammer Slammer stratocaster rip off, but I feel I have out grown it. I payed around $220 in 1999 for it, and was wondering what it would be worth now. I don' t have an exact model but I have a picture. It was taken care of until I quite playing about 3 years ago, when I sarted to let it sit in a hard case in my room. Only ware on it is the fretboard is starting to fade. Other than that is looks as good as it did when I brought it home.

Here is a picture of one that is the same model, my camera is broke
60-80 bucks, at most about now.
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Well I hate to sell it right now then since I only have $150 so I wont have enough for anything better, anyone know if they are pretty good once modded? Other option would be upgrading my Peavey 158 Rage to something better. Anyone have an opinion on whether I should save my money for a better guitar, mod it, or get a better amp?
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if you have $150 and you go to GC and trade the slammer, you could get a good used guitar. BUT, I would save up for a killer amp.
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