Picked up a used RG cheap today. Cleaned her up set her up and wow, I love the neck and the V7/V8 pickups aren't bad at all. The 5 way switch definitely provides 5 distinct tonal options. Love it.

Looks pretty sweet man, HNGD!
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Wow man, thats awesome. Sick colour combo, and those inlays match it awesomely!

Oh I bet it played great too :P

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Damn, all these ngd's today are awesome, including yours. HNGD!
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How does it feel like so far? I was considering this guitar before settling on my current one.

Happy New Guitar Day.
Wave goodbye to the past.
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That's a very nice top, now you just need some different hardware and a neck with dot inlays.

Just kidding, it's sick the way it is. HNGD!
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looks good
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Hngd :d
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sweet, HNGD!
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That finish is awesome
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Sick, man! HNGD! You gonna mod it at all?

I was thinking about swapping out the pickups, but they really sound nice so no changes except straplocks for now.
Nice. I'm quite fond of Ibanez guitars. And the rg line is quite awesome. Happy new guitar day.
HNGD, Flamed Maple is purty.
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