This is a venture into the world of post rock and shoegaze. The music was written to describe the mood of a clear night view with polar lights.

Required for listening: Midi (no RSE, only mixed for midi), good surround sound system or, even better, headphones.

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Aurora Borealis.zip
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1: Sounds very nice. I like the constant "playing" with the panning. The layering is done very nicely as well. Makes for a really good intro. I just hope the next part comes out of nowhere. The strings and brass add a nice touch to it.

25: The drums transitioned it very good. I think the bass should have come in with it a well.

33: The bass sounds very full. I might have to start doing the two basses thing! It sounds really good. I do think that, at this point, something should have changed by then.

49: It changes just so much... it doesn't seem enough though. I feel like i'm listening to the same thing over and over again. If it weren't for the bass, I wouldn't have noticed the change. I like the layering of the strings though! Very nice touch. I imagine that the song would sound better with vocals. The brass sounds very good here! Nicely done! I like how the drums keep building up and then going back down.

97: This is what i'm talking about! This sounds very good! It breaks up the monotony very nicely and adds something to the song.

105: Amazing stuff. I really like what you did with the kind of stuttery rhythms. It ends very abruptly though... It seems unfinished.

Good song! A bit too repetitive for my tastes, but that's probably due to the lack of a very obvious melody line (like vocals, or a lead guitar etc.).

8.5/10 :] If it was just a little less the same throughout it would be better.

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Absolutely lovely. Is this going to have vocals of any sort over it?
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It is really good, I enjoyed it.
I can't really think of anywhere that needs improvement