Busking aka street performing for those who don't all ready know.

I've got probably 20 songs i can play fingerpicking style and i'm pondering if that's a big enough repertoire to begin playing on the streets. Also the only guitar that i own isn't able to use an amp, But it is decently loud i reckon.

FYI: I'm mostly in for this because, even though i've been playing guitar for 5 years, i'm still nervous playing in front of people that i don't know. As weird as that may sound it's the sad truth.

Also, say im playing a tab from a website...should I somehow give recognition to their screen-name or the website i got it off?

Any answers would be appreciated!!!
As a busker myself...

1) Yes, I'd say that's probably enouh
2) It's the biggest confidence booster out there
3) RE: Tab recognition - Hell no!

Above all, enjoy it!
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If you have a couple hours worth of material, that should probably be enough. And no ones going to care who origrinally tabbed out the song, just introduce it and play.
I'd use an acoustic, tbh. But yeah, 20 should be enough, especially if you switch locations. As for the tab recognition thing, it won't be necessary, I don't imagine anybody will much care.

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Awesome guys, i was getting somewhat bothered as to how i would go about giving credit to them. But if i don't have to hooray!

Sorry captain i should've searched first.