OK. so i plan on getting a new guitar for my birthday. ( it's in November so i got a while) but i figure i may as well start looking so i can make the right choice when the time comes.

Anyway, i'm going to have up to about $600 to spend (would prefer under 500)
I have an ibanez gio series, gsa60 to be exact, great guitar, but will want an upgrade soon. I already have the amp i want and plan on keeping for a very very long time.

Pretty much looking for a guitar that does both 80's hair metal very well and thrashy type stuff too, that's mostly what i listen to, classic rock and some southern rock too.

I would like something with a floyd rose or some kind of locking tremolo, i know they're a pain to tune, but i just generally leave my guitar's tuned to half step as that's how i like it.

One thing i've been looking at was http://www.garykramerguitar.com/CrusaderDeluxe.html
that, problem is guitar center doesn't carry it so i have no clue where i could test it out.

I"ve been looking at jackson's, esp ltd's, schecter's, ibanez rg's etc.. pretty much fast playing type guitar's, i want something easy to play and play fast. i mean i don't want it to be limited to just that, but most of the music i want to play is fast.
i would prefer new, only because i want to be able to try it out before i buy it.

i don't really have a brand preference, i like ibanez so far, but any brand works. I like the strat type body style, comfortable.

So what should i be looking for? any suggestion welcome
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I personally like using my Strat for sort of hair metalish stuff. It isn't great for thrash though... So yeah... That was pointless.

Maybe try a Jackson Dinky or Soloist or something.
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one of the reason's i was looking at the kramer was because mick mars i know used something like it among a bunch of other guitarist's i like so i figure it would be good, keep the suggestion's coming!! thanks
rg550 you can easily get one for under 500 there called the rg1550 or something now if im not wrong. Theres some bad ass colors that you can pick.
For 80's thrash sound a guitar with the EMG 81/85 combo should do the trick for you.
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