Ok so recently I have been playing alot of rather fast songs with alot of quick alternate picking, Head Crusher by Megadeth, In The Fire by Roadrunner United and All Nightmare Long by Metallica to be exact, and well I have an issue.

I get very strong cramps and pains in my upper right shoulder whenever i play really fast for a continued periods of time (pretty much when i practice all 3 of these songs one after another).

I am wondering is there something wrong with my technique? I am mostly keeping all of it within the wrist basically. Is it maybe me being to tense? not warming up enough before playing? What do you all think?
Just play slower songs, and work your way up to those speeds gradually. Make sure there is as little tension in your arm/wrist/elbow/shoulder/hand as possible.
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don't play tensed up for long periods, if you have further problems consult a doctor.
if it hurts there is something wrong with your technique usually.
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