okay, so i went to a gig and was gonna use my behringer LX112 bc it was a smallish venue and i run it through the system anyways.
So, some punk plugged it into a plug that a washer/dryer goes in..
It made this loud noise...
but it still worked..

when i brought it back to my practice place, it would turn on..but no sound would go through it..even using an external speaker..

what can i do to fix it?
Well a washer runs on the same voltage as your amp, shouldnt be an issue. Doubt it would plug into what a dryer uses unless a hammer was used. It is a behringer which arent known for their reliability.
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Did you run it at any point without a speaker load? That's the only thing I can think of.

it was running through the system...other than that, idk..
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Did you run it at any point without a speaker load? That's the only thing I can think of.

Doesn't affect SS amps.
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How could you do that with a combo amp?

Woryingly easily. A large percentage of combos has the speaker plugged in via a jack at the back - in my old Boogie I sometimes managed to accidentally unplug the speaker whilst moving the amp around and it's just as well I always checked before powering it up....

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Doesn't affect SS amps.
Not usually, but I've seen an old Marshall Lead 100 get damaged that way. It's very uncommon in solid-state amps but its still best to avoid running them without a load for any length of time.
Your main problem is that you're using a Behringer. Replace it, preferably with something decent. Normally I don't flame, but behringer really does make a ton of junk.
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