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Choice One
1 7%
Choice Two
4 29%
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0 0%
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1 7%
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1 7%
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2 14%
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1 7%
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1 7%
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3 21%
Voters: 14.
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Acoustic/Piano/Soft Rock Song Writing Contest.


1.Weeping_Demon7: Piece One
2.ScraggyMcDoodle: Piece One
3.Grovermans: Piece One
4.Tukk04 Piece One
5.ParadoxEmpire: Piece One
6.Injuyin: Piece One
7.XianXiuHong Piece One
8.100Roy001 Piece One
9.Joshe_009 Piece One
10.Zezikaro Piece One

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Quote by CarlosRuiz97
can you post a vid to youtube? i have nothing to record with

Yeah sure I dont care.
If you could though it would help if you sent a tab.
If cant try to at least send chords.
If you cant do any of that its fine.
Just try to send a good quality video.

EDIT: Also, you shouldn't be allowed to vote yet....The people that were up there first would have the most exposure and chance to win.

K yeah got that I deleted the pre-posted votes.
Also, Im allowing 2nd entries if anyone wants to put those in.
Remember, it doesnt have to be acoustic, just alternative/soft rock.
Damn. I was going to post. Until I listened to some of the songs in it. Nevermind.

EDIT: Screw it, I'm in.
This song is meant to be the closing song on my bands first album. I've made a thread for it (deleted it), and I'm not gonna bother making another one.
Third Movement.gp5
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Quote by ScraggyMcDoodle
I doubt this one will fill up.

When is the voting starting?

Whenever TS actually logs in to check on this thing, I hope.
Im gonna delay the end time alot but once this thing fills up to 15 people Im shutting down first entries. Second and third entries will be allowed just no knew people. so just keep waiting. Were almost filled up. So just hang in there.l
Quote by Butt Rayge


I had a feeling I was doing something wrong there. =/

EDIT: No. I was right.

1. a dish served as the main course of a meal.
2. Older Use. a dish served at dinner between the principal courses.
3. the privilege of entering; access.
4. a means of obtaining entry: His friendship with an actor's son was his entrée into the theatrical world.
5. the act of entering; entrance.
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Quote by ScraggyMcDoodle
Isn't it entries?

Looks more correct. But as long as Dictionary.com says it works, I'm not fixing it.
Ok... October 20th now.

Maybe TS is too busy with the gf.
return 0;

Quote by jsync
And I've eaten at some of Australia's best pizzerias.

. com / fancy-elle
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I think he has one more day before I take this over myself and make a new thread with all of your posts and and a poll.
Wow. Thanks for skipping multiple posts in the vote.

EDIT: It doesn't let you post more then 10 poll answers does it? Sorry. Still unfair.
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