Okay so I've been reading a bunch of stuff on the internet trying to figure out exactly what would be best for me (I just want to record music at decent quality) and all it did was made me even more confused about everything. Hopefully someone can just help me out and steer me in the right direction as too what i should be looking into.

First question: What audio interface would you recommend for me that is fairly cheap (under 100$ if possible), has a xlr / balanced input as well as trs / unbalanced input, and can have at least two cables connected and running at the same time. Also I would like to be able to have the ability to create a rough headphone mix.

Second question: I am looking into buying my own computer which will basically be used for nothing other then recording, and using internet. I will have Cubase, Fruity Loops as well as Audition running on it. I will be recording no more then two tracks simultaneously, and will be using alot of midi sequencing. Now what are the important aspects of the computer that I should be paying attention to (ie Cpu power, ram, etc) and if you have any recommendations on what amount of these aspects you would have (ex: 1gig of ram or 2 gigs, etc) that would be much appreciated.
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The Lexicon Alpha Studio has 1 mic, 1 hi-z and 2 line ins, a bit over your budget. The Tascam US-112 has what you want, a good bit over your budget. I don't think you'll get anything at this price range that has XLR ins and 2 stereo outs, or do you mean something different when you say "the ability to create a rough headphone mix"?

WHat PC you'll need is really up to how you use it. Processor, it depends. 2+GHz is decent enough, however you also have to take into consideration the speed of the front side bus. For RAM, I'd say 1GB minimum, 2GB if you're using samples a lot. Hard drive space, as much as you can get. If you're getting a laptop, make sure there are enough USB ports.
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