Windows Movie Maker makes me want to smash my face through my computer screen. HELP!

Every time I try to import a video into Windows Movie Maker, it says:
"The file C:\... cannot be imported because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer. If you have already tried to download and install the codec, close and restart Windows Movie Maker, and then try to import the file again."

After hours of searching and trying tons of different codecs, it still gives me this same error. Can anyone who's had this problem tell me where to get whatever codec I need to get it working? Even better, could someone tell me where to get another program I could use instead (free of course). All I need to do is cut one video up into 3 or 4 videos, I shouldn't have to go through all this crap just to get Windows Movie Maker working.

Why doesn't the program come with the goddamn codecs it needs to work?

And yes, I did Google and searchbar.
I've had this problem too. It seems for importing vids its kinda just a hit or miss.
yeah, mine does the same thing. I hate having to re-record stuff when that happens >_>
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jk, i dont use wmm, but ive heard its usually hit or miss.
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What kind of video is it?

EDIT: Try going into Tools>Options>Compatability and uncheck everything. I sometimes get that error because of codecs installed.
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