would you take trades for any of these:

RG7321 with DiMarzio Blaze Custom
ESP LTD H-301 with EMG-85/81's
Digitech Tone Driver Over drive
Boss TR-2
Grover Auto-Locking 3/3 Chrome tuners
Digitech The Weapon
Dunlop 535Q
Digitech Multi-voice chorus
Quote by lp_dude_2
sorry but no, its blood red with a flamed maple top

Hah.. Dude we have exactly the same guitar *high five*

I was gonna offer my guitar.. But sadly same story, it's not black :l
haha nice man... those things look sick in black! can someone please tell me where i can find one of these ... ltd mh100 nt in black. its an older model....
Quote by atomaspired
MH1000 NT. my fault. once again.

I'm not too sure man.. You're probably better off with the See Thru Black MH400NT..

Practically the same specs..
your probably right. I don't get why ESP change practically all their new models to see thru colors. lame imo.
ill trade for a fender classic strat,70's ed + a vox 15 watt amp?
ill trade for a fender classic strat,70's ed + a vox 15 watt amp?

OR $500 cash probably
have the same guitar w/ an airnorton (n) and airzone (b) and it is a BAD A get this guitar guys excellent craftsmanship
BUMP. I NEED this thing gone so I can pick up another sweet guitar. 650 shipped. let me know!
Schecter Loomis
LTD Horizon
Ibanez RGA121
Marshall DSL100
Peavey 5150

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This is the funniest thing i've ever read on UG.
lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
i dont get paid till next week!
this is the guitar ive told myself i would get "one day."
i have an ltd mh-100qmnt recently had new seymour duncans put it jb (b) jazz (n) that i may be willing to trade if interested..this thing is nice, i had the action lowered and the intonation reset last week
Ibanez RG270
Squire Stagemaster 7string

Randall Titan head
Randall XL cab with celestions

Modded Boss Metal Zone
Dimebag wah
Dan electro fish n chips
Korg Pitchblack tuner