EHX metal muff with top boost for trade or for sale, im selling it cause its not doing it for me tone-wise. i dont have a power adapter cause i use my pedal power.

for trade, i am interested in a boss metal zone or a keeley modded boss metal zone. i would add cash for a keeley modded one. i might trade for something else, but i can't think of anything else i would want right now . youre welcome to offer anything

for sale, i would like to get 65$ for it, as it is in mint condition with box and all its contents.

im located in california and im willing to ship anywhere, but for locations that are farther away (and hence more expensive) ill ask that you pay for shipping.
forgot to say pics available on request, but there are no scratches or defects at all on it

don't think it makes a difference, but i bought it new from MF about a month ago, and it has roughly 3 hours worth of use on it.
how much ( roughly ) would it cost to ship it to ontario?
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where in the gool ol CA are you at mate?

im in Los Angeles and i have a Metal Zone i hardly use now

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i have a metal zone that i am looking to get rid of for a metal muff actually..it works perfectly but its pretty dinged up. i'm located in illinois. pm me if interested. i wont get back to you for a few days as i am going to see between the buried and me and in flames tomorrow but i will get back to you as soon as possible sir
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