Ok so it seems we have the 80s metal and shred taken care of but the prog is falling behind. I thought it would be helpful to explore bands to help me and others find what they like. I'm really trying to find weirder and weirder bands. I really enjoy The Dear Hunter, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Mars Volta, Primus, Free Moral Agents, Tera Melos, Comets on Fire, and more. This is the kind of music I'm listening now, but put anything you want that might be even remotely interesting. Thanks for the help.

By the way, if you think some of the bands I listed are not super porggy or experimental, that's fine. I just put up what I like with an interest in finding more experimental music.
I think this has come up before too, but I would recommend checking out the outfit Black Light Syndrome's first album. It features Steve Stevens on guitars, Bozzio on drums, and Tony Levin on bass/chapman stick. The first album is simply put - killer. Some of it has an experimental vibe for sure.

Then there's the Praxis - a Bill Laswell project, featuring Buckethead, Bootsy Collins, Brian Mantia, and Bernie Worrell + DJs. Defnitely recommend getting hold of their first album, Transmutations (Mutatis Mutandi).

Also check out this album called Prezens by David Torn. Pretty far out, but real cool!
If you want really weird avant-garde stuff, and don't mind metal bits, check out UneXpect.
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Thanks for the bands. I like Praxis but black light syndrome wasn't for me. I had heard of John Zorn before but hadn't listened to him. He's awesome. Unexpect was interesting but I'm not sure. Secret chiefs and naked city were both really cool. But I need to get some full songs to get a better feel. Naked chiefs are really jazzy, which could be cool or just annoying. I guess I'll find out. Thanks again.