I think I would categorize this as Progressive. But anyways, please take a listen.
C4C as always
I was just throwing ideas down, this isnt really one that I tried to make good. Whipped it up in 30 minutes
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No offense, man, but that was just plain annoying.
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tbh, it sounds more random than it does progressive the sound of the recorded guitar is too tinny, the drums aren't clear, and I guess one positive thing is that it's different, but IMO I'll have to agree with Stewie, it's pretty annoying, although some parts are pretty cool, like the part around -- OH JESUS MOTHER OF GOD, COUNTRY?!?
are you ****ing with me?
but yeah, the part right before that country part. cool, but the rest is just... wtf?

EDIT: you have some pretty impressive chops, though.
Pretty neat ideas here and there. Some parts sounded more like "Look at my time signatures and shredding!" rather than focusing on composition. You could probably use a better tone or a better mic or something. Some of the shredding is quiet messy and poorly phrased. And the drums seem to make too many unergonomical changes, a few offtime things and such.

Overall you just need better equipment, better mixing, and composition that connects better and doesn't look like you're just showing off how fast you can go or how many time signatures that you use.

I'd like a crit on my song "Grave" if you've got the chance! Thanks!

Yeah, it was kinda random at the beginning, didnt like it very much. But the part that went from country to death metal was the most interesting thing I heard, mabey if you did that a couple more times, and make a better intro it would be pertty cool. One more thing, your rythem tone was too thin, add some mids so it cuts thourgh better.

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I wouldn't consider this progressive, I like the riff right before the weird country interlude thing, the thing it went into after that was pretty cool too. Your solo does need work but I'm pretty sure your tone is what makes everything off. Also, your breakdown riffs seem to have a bad timing. But I'm sure with better quality and mixing it would be fine.

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Eh... Not bad, but not fantastic. Some parts of it were enjoyable. But a lot of it seemed sort of just forced odd times, and overly technichal bits. The country part was interesting. Maybe work on songwriting a little more instead of just technicality?