please crit or listen to my songs! id be happy to C4C

i would say for fans of TDWP, Chiodos, etc.

thank you everyone!

note that the songs ended up not sounding near as good cuz of myspace's player, but they will be re-recorded anyway!

and also note the last song, Untitled, is not actually summerwind material, i just put it up for fun :P

link in sig so please send me a crit on this thread or a PM i dont mind either one, even on myspace! send a friend add if youd like thanx
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Listening to it.

The guitars just faded in and out, and the hardcore section, and now I'm digging these melody and harmonized parts. This is tight, man.
Oh, I'm at the 1:19 mark, this so far is my favorite. Nice tom fills. Get rid of that snare.
At 1:57. Not really digging that melody, you coulda just had the descending harmonized lines.
Overall, pretty cool. I dug how it sorta bounced back in forth between 4 bar melodic lines, and then 4 bar hardcore chugs. Nice work, just that machine gun snare before 1:57, and the melodic part at 1:57.
C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1202906
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thanks man! which song were you jammin though? lol i will definately ctir yours now