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Incredibly creepy
3 14%
It's creepy
3 14%
Not that creepy
14 64%
It's a completely normal thing to do.
2 9%
Voters: 22.
.. to start Facebook conversations with people you hardly know. No particular reason, just curious.........
I don't think it's weird but I know a lot of people who would......
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It's annoying because the person who you're conversing with has to drop what they're doing and talk to your fat ass.
As long as you don't say anything creepy. Or aren't like, 50 years older and from Brazil like the guy that talked to me, its fine.

EDIT: I did it to this girl once. Just felt like talking to her, and had a crush on her. Now we are incredibly good friends. And we were gonna date, but **** happens. But it depends on the person. I think most people have the common decency not to be a complete dick. And if they don't, they'll just log of or somethin'. No harm done.
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It's creepy if you're creepy. If you're charming, for God's sake do it. It's fun and it's a welcome change and it makes friends.
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It depends on how you go about it. For example:
You: I was watching you today...

Not creepy:
You: I was watching you today...
Them: Hawt.
"Hey, aren't you in my THIS CLASS"
"YEAH! haha i thinkso, are you THIS GUY"
"yep thats me, whats up?"

go for it.
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I get those from random girls who have seen me once or twice. They always try to explain that they're not "creepers" though. When a guy does it to me, they just go straight into weird ass conversations I would rather not have. That's when I log off. I'll do it every once in a while but it's typically to people I sort of know already and have talked to a few times.
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Let's just say yes for hypothetical-ness

Then most likely. Most of the girls around here would think you're looking for poon.
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