Poem. I haven't written a piece in a while. Let me know what you think of it. c4c. Thanks.

Under the gun, in this hell hole of a town.
I have everything I've ever wanted.
Anything I need is at my disposal.
The devil dwells in my presence.

Flying out this following Fall,
and I'll leave this Demon
where it belongs.
In the casket it built for me
this last year I spent away from you.

The leaves are burning where they grow,
and the ground is losing its color.
I'm almost done,
I'll have the same ill-fate as the Winter shrubs.

We'll both die and grow,
and bleed and show
you all what you've been missing.
Just follow the tears
to this dystopia that's been looming
since last December.

Follow the Devil.
The empty highway won't seem so empty.
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