I can play any song that has a tempo less than 160 with 32nd note shredding that kinda of thing but only if im playing with the tab.. i notice after playing the songs for like days non stop then they get completely stuck in my head and i can remember how to play them almost exactly weeks later even a couple months but I was wondering if there was an easier way to memorize or something that stimulates the brain to help it memorize something more easily.
i play things about a million times, and eventually reach the point where i couldnt forget it if i tried. so just keep practicing them
What I do that helps is when I'm not playing my guitar is I sing the part I'm learning to myself whenever I have nothing else to do. For example when I'm walking to one of my classes I just start remembering the song and sing the part and along with the singing I sort of go through the fingerings as well. Practice doesn't necessarily have to only be on the guitar it can be anywhere you choose it to be with or without a guitar. Hope that helps.
thanks Phat that idea is pretty good usually i remember a melody if it is coming from me and im actually doing it. Haha thank you again.