so i just bought a Squire custom telecaster with Duncan Designed P90 pickups.
When playing it through my Jcm 900 I found that the tone was a little weak and required a LOT more gain to reach the same tone as the humbucker in my strat..

my question is, can i adjust the pickup height or the height of the individual poles to create more of a humbucker tone? also, they hum quite a bit, so if i do make adjustments, will it increase/decrease the amount of noise coming from them?

or should i just carve out the pickup cavity and fit it for a 500t?? lol

take in mind im playing b channel on a jcm 900 with mids and trebls boosted and pretty high gain!

btw, other than the issue im having with the tone, I am extremely surprised at the quality of this guitar! stays in tune, the neck plays well and for the price you cant beat it.. normally i would refuse a squire but this guitar made the cut.
ive just been looking at the different ones online.. they make stacked ones, would that be like a humbucker basically in a p90 sized case? do you know if a mini humbucker would be the same size also?
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ive just been looking at the different ones online.. they make stacked ones, would that be like a humbucker basically in a p90 sized case? do you know if a mini humbucker would be the same size also?

A mini HB wouldn't fit. Stacked P-90s are basically like noiseless single coils, they try to sound like real P-90s but they just don't quite get there. If you're looking for a HB sound, I'd probably just route your guitar for an HB and put in a HB that sounds better than the 500t.
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If you just bought it but maybe prefer humbuckers, see if you can return it for the HB version.

I'm surprised the pickups don't do it for you though, maybe they're hit and misss or you just got a one off with poor pickups. The Tele Customs are exceptional guitars for the money.
Yes you can change pickup height and, probably, pole heights on a P90 but bear in mind that they do have a big magnet and will 'pull' from further away than a humbucker. The noise level is to do with the whole circuit and shielding so is not changed by proximity to strings.
If the adjustments still leave you wanting, consider a set of Gibson P90s or IronGear Platinum 90s (cheap and very cheerful) which will give you a fuller sound than the Duncan Designed.
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if you like a lot of treble and mids then route the guitar for a humbucker and throw in a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge. I've got one in my Schecter and switching to it is like turning mids from 4 to 10 and treble to a lesser extent. It's normally vintage sounding but modern sounds are also attainable.
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Seymour Duncan have this pickup, i forgot the name... But it's supposed to be a p-90 sized humbucker, that can be coil split to a real p-90 or single coil. I'll try to find it.

EDIT: Here

EDIT2: Whoops, it's not p-90 sized, sorry bro.
But if you just want to play metal, EMG makes a p-90.
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Your just not gonna get humbucker tone from a single coil p90. Just as putting single coil sized humbuckers in a strat aint gonna get you LP tone. Most stock P90s dont have alot of output so are gonna need, yep more gain. There are stacked and side by side p90 sized humbuckers out there. If your want the same tone as your humbucker guitar then your want humbuckers. Adjusting the pole screws wont do much, you just do that for output balance between the strings.

As for your hum my p90 equipped guitar is just as quiet as my humbucker guitar. The metal covers for the pickups a good shielding job and star grounding sees to that.