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So I'm looking for a new guitar, and I want a tremolo on it, but I don't think I could stand a double locking tremolo. Anyone know some good guitars with non-locking tremolos under $750. (Don't recommend new amp because I won't listen lol).


I was also wondering, would the EVH D-tuna work to drop my guitar from D standard (DGCFAD, right?) to Drop C? If so, I would probably just do that and get the ESP LTD MH-401QM (yes I know EMGs don't sound their best through Line 6 spider III's, heard it all before).
First question dunno but you could put in a Wilkinson tremolo into any guitar and they are very good. But Fender MIM Fat Strat and then you'll have spare change for pickups or new bridge if you dislike the stock one.

Second question I'm not sure if the D-Tuna only works on OFR trems but if it doesn't then yes it will do what you need but you have to set the bridge up to be non floating (aka dive only)
so do you want a vintage trem or single locking? i can't emphasise enough how bad single locking tremelos usualy are with tuning stability... vintage trems are nice tho, i want a cheapo guitar with 1 to muck around with
well, I would love to get a guitar great for metal that has a non-locking tremolo. Meaning, nothing to screw around with, just something I can occasionally dive bomb or just slightly vibrato occasionally without destroying my tuning. But I don't think that's possible, as to seeing most brands use double locking.
In most cases, you can't dive bomb without a non-locking tremolo. You could try a Fender Fat Strat for occasional vibratos, but dive bombs are more or less a no.
my friend has a crappy squier I played today (we're talking uber entry-level) and I dive bombed a few times and except for his low E string (which had a busted up tuning head) everything held tuning pretty well.
I find tremolo pedals useless most of the time. Jokes aside the only non locking vibrato bridge that I know stays in tune consistently with divebombs is the one on the Music Man JP.
Yeah...I did that once when I started out playing...
It destroyed the tuning, marred the finish, gouged the wood, and obliterated the screws holding the bridge in place.
I call shenanigans.
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