I'm selling a Jackson KVX10 in Trans Blue, a BC Rich KKV G2, an Ibanez GRG07LTD-1 BK4 and a BC Rich NJ Warlock Trans Red. Hit me with offers.
I'm new to UG and its forums so I don't know how you put up pics, but if you email me at davidjtheguitarman@hotmail.co.uk i can email you pics and we can discuss the price.
Man, that Jackson/BC Rich V is tempting, but I don't have any cash, so unless you gave me an awesome deal, consider this a free bump.

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I'm open to negotiation.
The BC Rich V is in pretty much the same condition it was when I bought it new, except I blocked the Kahler as I prefer fixed bridge guitars, but I still have all the original pieces and I can convert it back to a tremolo-equipped guitar and set it up how you want (action, string gauge etc).
The Jackson V has bumps on the lower horns and a slight mark on the side but it's nothing you'd notice unless you were looking for it. Playability-wise, the Jackson is the best guitar I have, the action is under 1mm and has no fretbuzz, although if you prefer the action higher I can do this for you.
If you have an email address I'd be happy to email you pics of both guitars.