At the moment, I have a little behringer Vtone GM108 15w amp, and I'm in a position where I can upgrade to a Laney LG35R for about $40~$45.

Should I do it? Will it be worth it?
Oh, and a follow-up, which would you prefer, the Laney or a Marshall AVT20?
for 40 bucks i would jump on it!

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That's still a pretty cruddy amp, it's not much of an upgrade. You're better off sitting on your money and saving for something that represents a worthwhile improvement.
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save up and buy a vypyr, cube or valvetronix.

something that might end up actually being an upgrade.

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for 40 bucks i would jump on it!

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i actualy own a laney lg35r, but it is now redundant due to my 6505 its a pretty good little amp, i managed to get a few nice tones out of it. useless with a drummer though, too quiet. but if you can get it cheap its worth a look.