sorry if this is in the wrong thread but it seems suitable for my problem. right, ive been learning vela, together we await the storm by The Human Abstract. i downloaded the GP for it and theres one part of the song i cant do. its on bar 81 onwards, AJ's part. it says to tap it and im really struggling to tap it with my right hand. i was just wondering if you tap it with your left hand or your right because im struggling with both
well at least its a serious answer. the thing is ive attempted it several times changing hands and its still awkward.
Tap the with the left hand the first two notes than the next two with the right hand do this allover and you're fine but if you cant tap with 6 six fingers i would recommend you to learn Midnight by joe satriani its pretty easy
Yeah like the first guy said, do what's comfortable.

What I would do is (bar 81) tap 5s and 7s with my left, and tap the 10s with my right.
I would start slowly though, because it's something you don't do everyday.
Another unoriginal prog head.
that joe satriani song is not easy to learn ahaa and ne0assass1n thanks thats a good idea. im gonna have to start slow even though ive been learning this song for a few months.