Hi everyone, I'm GrisKy, I usually hang out in GG&A and Bandleading forums.

Does anyone here have first hand experience with FullSail, either on campus or online? I am looking to make use of my GI Bill benefits, and I'm particularly interrested in going after a double major in entertainment business (online) and recording arts (campus).

Just wondering if anyone has gone through either of these programs (or other degree plans) or if you know anyone who has. My understanding is that they don't operate on the standard semester timeline.

Also, are there any social-networking societies there? In other words, are there chances to meet people who might help you find work in your desired field?

Thanks in advance!
I have my associates in Recording arts there and am currently working on my bachelors. You are correct in that they do not have standard semesters, you take 1 or 2 classes a month but between classes and labs you rack up 40+ hours a week in those classes during some months, and then the next month you will have a new set of classes. As far as the networking many of the teachers there have other businesses that they own/work at and may be looking to hire, also the Career Development department there has many industry connections and when they get a lead that a company is looking for an employee they can send your resume their way.

feel free to ask anymore questions about Full Sail
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