So, I have a '96 Vista Series Jagmaster that has been beat to hell and back, and recently it has not been working when plugged in. I'm having a friend that used to work for a luthier and did repair work look at it soon. I imagine it's nothing, but this got me thinking, "What if I make it a project to build my own guitar?"

So, I have a few questions that I was wondering if you could answer. I have always wanted a Jazzmaster or Jaguar (mostly a jazzmaster), which is why I got the Jagmaster. Is it possible to fit the 24" neck on a Warmoth Jazzmaster body, or is that just dumb? Would it be better to get a universally routed Jaguar body and put P-94s in it? Or, if I go for the Jag, should I just stay away from P-90s? What pups would you recommend for the Jag?

I will be having my friend's help through this whole project.

Also, finish-wise, what do you think would look best? I'm thinking silver sparkle with a white pickguard. Or maybe surf green or daphne blue. Do you have anything that may look better?

Again, this is only a thought, but I would appreciate some input from you. Good idea? Bad idea? It will be used to play just about everything from some bluesy stuff to shoegaze to . . . well, everything except metal and -core.
Daphne blue with tortoise guard.

And why not go for SD P-Rails? HB, P-90, and Rail (strat-ish) all in one PU. Seems like they'd go nicely in a Jagmaster...
Daphne blue is really my second choice, but after seeing a silver sparkle Supersonic, it's really hard to think about anything other than that.

And I didn't think of the P-Rails, mainly because I've been trying to figure out if it was possible to fit the neck in a Jazz body. It seems like since it would be from scratch, my friend and I could work around and not deal with the issues that one would get from putting a 24" neck in an already set up body.

I would just work with my Jagmaster, but the original owner really messed it up by gutting a Strat/Tele hardcase and using it to store and transport it. I got it with some damage, but it really wasn't bad. Some paint was missing on the body in the corner. It looked nice. But this thing is really just getting worse all around (except for the neck).

I like the simplicity of it, which is why I want to build the Jazz, but I would gladly "settle" for a Jag. Either way, it's going to look damn good.
If it's a Warmoth body, you need to check scale length first. Since Warmoth pre-drills/routes for bridge placement, you need to make sure that the scale length is the same.
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