a lot simpler than what i usually write, especially in terms of structure, but i think it's a nice little song. check out my too. i think it's much better than this one.

I just want to sleep forever.

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After that rather rough comment you left me, I'd like to say this piece was garbage, but that would be lying.

This is a really solid piece of music. I'm a fan of the use of 7ths and what not in your song and I like how you tie the intro/verse in together with that hammer-on riff on the fourth bar.

Chorus has a really good progression. I like the addition of the electric piano and the best part in the chorus is measure 29 where you do the harmony part.

I like how you fade in to the second chorus during the end of the second verse.

Solo was great. Wasn't too flashy and I liked how you used syncopation and triplet runs. Solid solo work.

I also like the lead work to the rest of the song.

Over all, great song.

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i've updated this a bit. there are a few slight changes to the leads and stuff.

I just want to sleep forever.

It reminds me of one of your previous works, 'when I'm gone'. It's got that similar emotional feel. definitely a grovermans song, hah.