What are some opinions on some of their acoustics? I'm in the market for a really good acoustic without having to pay the Martin, Taylor, Guild, or Gibson price. My friend has a decent Ibanez he paid about 300 for but the strings are somewhat high off the fretboard and I think that's his own doing because he's had it a few years and hasn't maintained it very well recently and it doesn't have a pre-amp or electric capability. I saw the new Ibanez Montage on MusiciansFriend.com and it's give or take with the ratings. At first look, I was amazed, but a few people say its amazing, others say not-so-much. If anyone could fill me in on a great quality acoustic by Ibanez (or any other manufacturer actually) I would appreciate it. I'm looking at something between the 400 and 800 dollar price range. Thanks!
Noted! I didn't see the forum, as this is my first post here. I figured as much Guitar Gear and Accessories would have been suitable enough. However a legitimate answer would have been cool also.