I'm starting to get into LoG and I want to learn some of their songs. Can you give me some that are fun, but not too challenging, as I have only been playing since this February.

Ashes of the wake has become one of my favurites. Is it chalenging?
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I'm really not that into LoG but I did learn ruin and it wasn't that difficult, I had a somewhat difficult time with it but I was trying to play it with all down picking.
Walk with me in Hell, Laid to Rest.

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The easiest LoG song is probably Black Label. Most of the stuff on The Sacrament is a bit fiddly, not sure about the new one though. Try Walk with me in hell or redneck, those are pretty easy.

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What tuning is that in?

All LoG songs are in drop D.
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what is the easiest?
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I think the most fun songs are Hourglass and Redneck.

If you want something both easy and fun try Descending
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All LoG songs are in drop D.

Actually some stuff off of Wrath is in Drop C#

Anyway, Omerta, Descending, Blacken the Cursed Sun, The Faded line, all are fairly easy, some tricky parts in a couple of em but overall they aren't too bad. Omerta is reallllly easy though so you should have no trouble with that one
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what is the easiest?

Omerta. No question about it
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