Is this to record quick ideas or more professionally? For quick ideas I'd just grab a toneport.
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actually 4 tracks are a big waste of time. that one can only record 2 channels at a time. for half the money you can get a tascam DR07. it has built in mics but you could also take your mic mixer and run the RCA tape out to the DR07 line in with a RCA to stereo 1/8 cable. its way smaller than the 4 track. it fits in your shirt pocket. guitar center has them for $170 but they are gonna be discontinued soon. they were $300 but they dropped it down to make room for the new model.
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how difficult is it to build your own guitar?
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It's hard, annoying, and makes you want to punch a baby.
all i want is something to record where ever i am to get ideas. and sound good . not perfect. just good
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